Outdoor Sidewalk Signs | Waterproof and Weatherproof Plastic Boards

Outdoor Sidewalk Signs - Exterior-Rated & Waterproof Advertising Accessories

Rugged and virtually indestructable

Are you in the market for outdoor sidewalk signs for your exterior displays? We carry a full line of exterior-rated, waterproof, weatherproof plastic signs for all your advertising needs. The message boards are a great way to attract new customers, promote sales and provide information to people who may pass by your storefront. The outdoor sidewalk signs, also known as polyethylene sandwich boards, are designed to be completely rust resistant and to withstand even the most inclement weather. Our exterior-rated sidewalk signs are made with several different options for text and image displays. Choose from letter boards, white or black boards or poster holders. Make the most of the walkway and street in front of your business. The biggest perk of these signs is the fact that they can be changed or updated quickly without having to be replaced. Simply rearrange the letter boards, erase the marker or change the poster to advertise a new sale or promotion.

Where can these polyethylene sandwich boards be used?

  • The outdoor sidewalk signs are designed for use in front of stores, restaurants, bars, clubs or businesses. Choose from several display options to make the most of your location and foot traffic.
  • These sign boards are great for outdoor events like concerts, fairs and community gatherings. Designate parking, time slots for shows or other information on tickets.
  • Even though the weatherproof signs are made for outdoor use, they can be placed inside any venue or shop. Use the space to provide information on sales, promotions or store hours.
  • Use them at schools or universities to mark certain buildings for campus tours or provide students with information about upcoming events and activities.

Another benefit of these polyethylene sandwich boards is the fact that they are fully portable. Because they can be opened and closed easily, you can store them in small spaces or load them into a car or van to bring to various locations. The economical design allows you to use the signs for years without fear of them rusting, bending or breaking. In addition, having the option to quickly change the message boards saves you money as it can be customized for any occasion or location. The a-frame waterproof signs are made with stable bases that can be filled with water or sand for extra durability. The units are designed to make the most of your available space while saving you money, time and hassle. Choose from black, white and grey sign frames to match your décor or store theme. Order the portable