Pavement Signs with Fillable Bases for Windy Weather

fillable base pavement sign

Pavement Signs Feature a Weighted Base to Stabilize Message Presentation

These pavement signs have fillable bases for water or sand to stabilize advertising presentations! The display systems are weighted and wind-resistant so they will not tip during inclement weather. Each of these pavement signs entices customers from the street inside to peruse the wares, with bold messages. These message boards are constructed of durable plastic that holds up with heavy usage, for many years! These outdoor pavement signs, also known as weighted promotional displays, are lightweight, with wheels for portability! Sidewalk signage with snap-open design enables the user to load images conveniently from the side into the casing. These pavement signs feature a protective acrylic lens to keep contents free of from sun damage and tampering. Fill the base with sand or water to keep promotional graphics secure, even in inclement weather! This type of mount is preferable to standard a-frames when used outside in winter, due to their waterproof construction.

What kinds of venues are these menu stands with water and sand fillable base best suited for?

  • Typically used by restaurants and bars, these weighted pavement signs placed outside a venue are perfect for announcing flavors of ice cream, IPA beer selections, or details about a new chef, visiting band, trivia night, & more.
  • Retail stores and boutiques depend on eye-catching advertising enclosures to inform prospective customers about new merchandise, sales, and closing times. A myriad of fillable base designs are available for curb placement for these purposes.
  • Entertainment venues impart information about events, such as parking and directional, not to mention music numbers. These signframes are your go-to marketing tools for announcing “line forms here” or “use the back door” directives. Caterers are fond of this affordable information signage because they make great customizable wayfinding tools at weddings.
  • Real estate and travel agencies, as well as beauty and nail salons, often place signage outside a salon to entice walk-in traffic to enter, and buy goods and services for sale! This cost-efficient merchandising fixing can be purchased in bulk for cheap for a grouping of stores by the same owner!

These wind-resistant advertisement holders are a great tool for messaging when advertising a brand, special, or sale. Some of these plastic enclosures can be used as office directories in a corporate park or at a medical complex so patients know how to find their service provider. In addition to fillable base mounts, this category offers swing-back signage that are spring-loaded and sway in the wind without tipping or breaking. When purchasing weighted base units and other poster frames, choose durable supplies like these, made of sturdy and versatile polyethylene plastic that stands up to any weather condition but is lightweight for easy portability! A protective lens keeps valuable artwork and imagery tatter- and smudge- and fade- free.