Sidewalk Letter Board | Pavement Signage for Custom Messages

Letter Boards for Sidewalks with Wheels & Water Bases

Sidewalk Letter Boards for customized messaging

A sidewalk letter board is a great way to create a unique messaging display for high traffic areas. Each advertising frame includes more than 300 changeable letters, numbers and symbols that can be easily seen by passersby. With these outdoor sign character kits, users can make custom messages for any business. There are different lettering sizes ranging from 3/4" to 3” to fit a variety of stands. Sidewalk letter boards, also known as pavement signs, can range in size from 22” x 28” to 48” x 36,” and be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Restaurants, bars, retail stores and other venues benefit from these changeable advertising fixtures because they can be used to promote menus, drink specials and sales information. Outdoor swinger signs come in aluminum or plastic and they can be used indoors as well. This pavement signage comes in a choice of black, white or silver finish with a black or white backing surface with channels to insert the vinyl lettering. Sidewalk letter boards and replacement kits are offered in a variety of sizes and designs to meet any style or need.

What types of custom message pavement signs are available?
  • A-frame sidewalk letter boards feature a folding design that is available in a choice of aluminum or plastic. This classic pavement stand is double-sided for facing both directions of traffic. Some models offer an additional area for a logo, branding information or other custom messages. Header graphics are easy to install in the built-in snap frames. Additionally, some A-frames include an "easy change" clear plastic lens for protecting the characters, symbols or inserts. This type of cover allows signs to withstand moisture and dust, making them more suited for breezy or rainy conditions.
  • Weighted-base changeable letter boards are made to be wind-resistant. This style is available in two designs: the spring base and the swinging fixture. Both frames can be filled with water or sand to prevent them from tipping over in high winds. A spring display or "springer" will bend in breezy conditions and most models feature a snap open frame with a clear protective lens. A swinging stand (or "swinger sign") sways with the wind and has a lighter structure. Some sign boards from each category also offer wheels for easy mobility even when weighted.

A changeable letterboard in swinger sign or a frame style is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor advertising. For an attention-getting contrast, black backing surfaces include white characters and vice versa. Red symbols stick out to convey important information to customers such as pricing, quantities, and times. In the event of lost characters or insert panels, replacement kits are available for purchase in different colors and sizes. Our boards are sold with wholesale pricing on every order. Purchase an economically priced display or symbol replacement kit today and get fast shipping!