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Lawn Stakes & Frames for Real Estate Agents, Elections, & Restaurants

Metal frames for house listings

Who hasn't seen real estate sign frames in yards? Almost everyone has noticed these eye-catching sandwich boards for advertising Open Houses or property for sale, realtor or agent names, election campaigns and candidates, local business services and more. Metal and plastic real estate sign frames come in a full variety of styles in addition to the traditional "H-Style" wire framing. Many versions have bases that allow use indoors as well as outdoors, increasing the flexibility of this type of signage. Traditional real estate sign frames, frequently called lawn stakes, consist of wire or steel framing supporting a rigid poster board. In addition to featuring custom printed advertisements for high-impact on-site property or election campaign messaging, this pavement mount also works well with less permanent advertising for restaurant, trade show, meeting, classroom or yard sale use.

What types of framing is available in addition to traditional wire lawn stakes?
  • Real estate sign frames for outdoor use are generally single-sided and designed for use with pre-printed graphics, such as agent or realtor names and contact information for sale or rental property, election campaign candidates and service business information. Framing comes in a variety of styles, from simple H-shaped metal holders with lawn stakes to durable plastic "Colonial-style" tall fixtures. Features such as headers and fixed or swinging bottom riders help draw attention and allow the same real estate yard advertising panels to be used with changeable details such as phone numbers or website addresses.
  • A-frame style display stands offer the same durability as lawn stakes but allow for double-sided advertisements. Need a sturdy base? Folding sign frames can be used on solid surfaces, allowing the messaging to be displayed on sidewalks, or indoors. Slide-in channels hold graphics printed on rigid material such as Coroplast®, Corocel®, Sintra® or similar engineered substrates. In addition, this type of framing can easily be used with aluminum, PVC, styrene or cardboard.
  • Base grip signage is designed for use in a number of locations and can accommodate a number of different signage materials. From simple metal clamp-style holders for temporary yard sales or other outdoor events to screw-in sign frames that offer increased stability, these easy-to-change signage displays are perfect for use at school or organization functions, on trade show tables, at functions, as meeting or presentation accessories and at restaurants.
  • Springer and swinger frames come in both single and double-sided versions and are designed for easy display of pre-printed messaging on rigid materials. Perfect for real estate yard advertising showcasing realtor, agent or property information, the metal or plastic fixtures can feature either a water base or A frame signage holder. As with other non-lawn stake bases, this type of display is perfect for event use, as it is both easily portable and usable on solid surfaces.
  • Pole mounts and brackets are great for hanging posters and their holders from telephone or light poles, fences and other vertical supports. Realtors advertising property for sale, community yard sales, election campaign information and more.

Portable, temporary signage is perfect for use in situations that require stability and durability without permanent installation. Realtors, agents, candidates, businesses and organizations have long known the benefits of using economical plastic or metal to create high visibility advertisements that can be used, moved and re-used in a variety of situations at an economical price.