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Cheap Sidewalk Sign

March 28th, 2014

Easily the least expensive sign frame in our catalog, this two-piece a-frame sign is a welcome choice for those looking for a cheap, temporary, or the proverbial "use once and throw away" application. The sides fold open like standard A-frames and the material is white styrene. Attach your own signage or draw right on the surface to communicate your intentions. But let us reiterate; this sign is not a wipe on/wipe off sign. Draw with a marker and it's not coming off! However in the grand scheme of things, portable signage has its place and it should be affordable enough. Absolutely.

Fillable-Base Sign

March 14th, 2014

We sell a number of signs with fillable bases which are great choices for windy locations. Most of these sign frames feature a wide base constructed from molded plastic with the sign frame rising up from the center. One particular model sports an a-frame look with futuristic styling. It may not look like it but the plastic frame located on both sides of the sign is hollow and therefore fillable. Wheels are standard on models such as these, because the added weight of sand or water would make them too heavy to pick up normally.

Rugged Plastic Outdoor Signage

February 28th, 2014

A little street advertising can go a long way. Take a look at this Polyethylene A-Frame Sign evidenced in the image at right. It's advertising for the store next to it, but if you were a motorist you might not have paid attention were it not for that sidewalk sign. You see, these portable signs extend the marketing reach of your business. Your company name, logo, or slogan is now that much closer to the curb, where people walking or driving can see it often way before they can see your place of business. These are made from super-tough polyethylene too, a good choice for curb side!

Black Markerboards

February 14th, 2014

Outdoor sign advertising doesn't have to be difficult. One of the easiest ways to attract attention is with a black chalkboard. Unlike sign frames that display printed posters, with these types all you need is a stick of chalk and some imagination (or at least some writing ability). These pavement signs are always double-sided so you can point your messages in both directions. These sign tools advertise food specials, menus, new additions, and other sales promotions with old-fashioned style. Check out the our large selection of black markerboards and chalkboards with solid wood frames in a number of fine stained finishes.

Sidewalk Letter Boards

January 31st, 2014

Next time you're out and about reading the specials on Cafe Letterboards, take a look at the actual sidewalk. Older cities had what they called vaulted sidewalks, evidenced by the glass you sometimes see embedded in the concrete. These little glass prisms are designed to send outside light underneath the sidewalk to help illuminate the basement (before electric lighting was used). Yes, older building footprints often extended beyond the face of the structure. Vault lights are an extinct animal as they are no longer used, and many preservationists have called for their restoration as they provide historical and architectural interest to the concrete jungle.

Real Estate Sign Frame

January 17th, 2014

These Steel Sign Stakes are standards of the industry. The Real Estate Industry, that is. The reason for this is two-fold. First, property agents need a way to get their message out fast and clear since the majority of properties are discovered while driving. By sticking the sign frame into the ground, the agents are able to strategically position the sign for optimum exposure. Second, real estate agents need to communicate what the available property is, and include an easily readable phone number. But real estate companies aren't the only ones to take advantage of these outdoor signs. Building contractors and lawn service providers are just a few of the business that like to advertise their services while working on a property.

Popup Sideline Signs

December 31st, 2013

Sponsors like to do a little of their own advertising when they back an outdoor event or sports game. And when they do they choose soft fabric sideline banners. There are a couple of reasons behind this. First, the signs are printed onto mesh fabric which is stretched on a thin fiberglass frame. This lightweight assembly can be folded and transported in its own bag. Stakes secure the sign to the ground. Second, the fabric banners have no sharp corners and collapse on impact, an important consideration when displaying them along sports field sidelines. Portable signs are an uncommon, but beneficial way to advertise your corporate business!

Polyethylene Pavement Signs

December 13th, 2013

Rugged Polyethylene Signs defy the elements with their corrosion-proof makeup. No wood frame to decay or steel body to rust here! These types of pavement signs take a licking and keep on standing, no matter how much abuse is handed to them. They make excellent choices for construction sites and parking garages, in addition to your average sidewalk. The company stocks standard sandwich board styles (A-Frame), along with vertical signs that feature fillable bases. These frames display posters but can also accept pre-printed boards that slide into the sides of the frame. Marker boards are available too and there's even the pylon-shaped totem (shown at right). Lots of signs for sidewalks using this indestructable material are stocked for same day shipment.

Aluminum Sidewalk Sign

November 29th, 2013

Not all Poster Signs are created equal. Many proprietors simply leave their signage outside too long until the inevitable happens. We take pride in applying heavily-coated and protected materials in which to brave the elements. While the sign at right is predominantly manufactured from aluminum, the base section and feet are painted steel. Without this protective layer, the sign would perish and die a quick death...or at least stop looking very nice. Once outdoor signage starts looking dingy and run-down, it directly reflects on your business. And if your business is busy during tourist season, you need to stay on top of that!

Rolling Letter Board Sign

November 15th, 2013

Not one for handwritten messages on a marker board? Letter Boards are versatile sign displays that can be used by every one. You get five to six rows of lettering area to help promote your business. The individual letters speak loud and clear and can be read from a great distance. In addition to standard sandwich board styles that fold flat for transporting, these signs are also available with fillable bases. What's more, these bases feature wheels and convenient carrying handles as part of the molded plastic base. So when the base is heavy (once filled with sand or water), moving the sign is very easy!

A-Frame Sign Markerboard

October 31st, 2013

Sidewalk Marker Boards bring out the artist in all of us. That may be a bold claim but in the hands of someone capable, a blank slate can transform into a work of art that just happens to advertise for your business! All of these writable signs come in the familiar A-Frame style with two sides that fold flat for storage. Most feature a black engineered chalk surface with shatter-resistant properties, which is a good thing because traditional slate would not hold up in outdoor extremes. Wet erase markers are the writing tools of choice. These provide vibrant colors that jump off the black surface, perfect for advertising your cafe or retail shop! (We sell them too!)

Poster Sign with Water Base

October 15th, 2013

Poster Signs with fillable bases provide easy mobility for an outdoor display. They are best used in locations susceptible to offshore winds or breezy alleys. Of course these can be displayed filled with sand or water or unfilled, depending on your preference or outdoor conditions. Like a-frames and sandwich boards, these fillable base signs help to extend the reach of your establishment by presenting promotional posters or adverts out on the sidewalk. Oftentimes passersby will notice these displays before they'll notice your place of business!

Letter Board Advertising Food Menu

September 13th, 2013

Changeable Letter Signs have the distinction of displaying clean and concise messages that are visible from great distances. The same can’t be said of marker boards with handwritten markings. Using your stock of pre-cut letters, all you have to do is remove the letter board from the sign frame and insert a new message. The letter board is inserted back into the frame and you’re all set. Don’t forget that these outdoor letter boards are double-sided! They come in many variations, including black or white letters and frames featuring silver or black finishes. Just one of many signs for sidewalks available online now!

 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Double Sided Marker Board

July 19th, 2013

This sidewalk sign is ideal for use in a retail or business environment. Each weather resistant message board is sold with a set of 4 write-on/wash off markers in standard primary colors. These markers wash off using glass cleaner and are ideal for quick sign changes. This sign is double sided for added value!

Each sidewalk sign is portable and can be use outside or inside. The display is weather resistant and can be used in mild weather. In the case of extreme weather, the sign should be brought inside. The base of this sign is built to last and is constructed of heavy duty plastic for durability! With ample display space, this sign is sure to please!

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Double Sided Letterboard Sign

July 12th, 2013

This sidewalk sign is ideal for use in front of shops or restaurants. Each white a-frame sign has a weather resistant plastic construction that ensures the sign will not rust or splinter. Each sign holder is a changeable letter board and is sold as a set including over 300 letters, numbers and symbols. The sign is shipped fully assembled and is ready for use upon arrival.

Each a- frame sign is ideal for use on the curbside of restaurants and shops to advertise sales or menus. This sign, also called a sandwich board can be used during inclement weather but should be brought inside during heavy rain or wind. Letter, numbers and symbols can be used to create almost any sign needed! This quick change design is ideal for businesses who make frequent changes in a fast paced environment!

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Double Sided Poster Sign

July 3rd, 2013

This double sided sign is ideal for use outside of a retail location, restaurant, or any other business. The sign is simple to set up and features a sturdy base with rugged steel springs. This sign can be used outdoors and can withstand mild inclement weather; however, it is recommended that the sign be brought inside during rain or heavy wind. This sign holder does not come with graphics, but signs can be ordered from a local sign shop.

Each snap frame sidewalk sign has a contemporary design that is attractive and eye catching. Customers are able to display a sign on both sides of this frame, with the media size measuring 22”w x 28”h. These frames snap open and shut to allow for quick sign changes if needed! A clear lens sits over the graphic to protect it from the elements.

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 Sidewalk Sign MarkersProduct Spotlight : Dry-Erase Marker and Eraser Set

June 28th, 2013

These dry erase markers are perfect for almost any use! Each pack of 4 comes in traditional colors such as black, blue, green, and red. Included with the set of markers is a felt eraser to make clean up easy! This basic accessory kit is perfect for schools, businesses or any other establishment that uses whiteboards! These markers write fluidly and erase cleanly!

Each marker set works on most whiteboards. As will all writing instruments, it is advised that you test the markers in an inconspicuous place before using. These markers have a chisel point for fine or bold lines. This accessories kit is sure to please!

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Blackboard A-Frame Sign

June 20th, 2013

This A-frame board is double sided and measures 24” x 36 (writing space.) Each sign is constructed of durable hard woods with a white finish to accentuate any home, store or business. The blackboard surface of each writing space is designed for use with chalk or liquid chalk markers. Create interesting and eye-catching signs instantly with this board!

While this sign can be used outside, it should be taken indoors in inclement weather. This sign folds flat for storage and transportation. Each blackboard is a great marketing tool that will quickly become irreplaceable! This sign is sure to please!

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Metal A-Frame Sign

June 14th, 2013

This sidewalk sign is like getting two signs for the price of one! Each a-frame sign has an open face frame for displaying a poster board or vinyl letters. The vinyl letters can be used on the included black metal insert. The snaps shut for easy transportation. These signs are ideal for business use!

While customers can use this sign outside, it should not be used in inclement weather and should remain dry at all times. The durable metal frame is light weight but sturdy and weighs about 10 pounds. While vinyl letters and posters are not included with the purchase of this sign, they can be purchased at a local sign shop! Create affective signs with this sign display!

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 Liquid Chalk MarkerProduct Spotlight : Chalk Markers

June 7th, 2013

These quick-drying chalkboard markers are ideal for schools, offices or retail use. Each pen has a 1/4” chisel tip. This tip is able to write thin or thick fluid lines for shading or large fill-ins. These pens are great for use on non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, whiteboards and blackboards.

Please note that these pens should not leave ghosting; however, if any residue is left, wipe with a damp cloth or magic eraser. These pens dry quickly and are ideal for restaurants to use for quick menu changes. Merchants prefer to use these pens as they write fluidly and dry quickly revealing vivid colors. These chalkboard markers are sure to please!

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 Turning Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Two Sided A-Frame Sign

May 31st, 2013

This sidewalk sign is double sided! One side of this display features a dry erase whiteboard while the other a wet erase blackboard. While the sign stand is stationary, the writing panel spins to reveal each side. Each frame has a cherry wood finish to compliment any environment!

Each of these signs is perfect for retail locations or restaurants to display sales or specials. Perfect for quick sign changes, these a-frames are sure to please! All displays fold up for storage and portability. While these signs can be used outside, they should be brought inside in inclement weather.

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Deluxe Poster Sign with Header

May 24th, 2013

This sidewalk sign features a snap frame constructed of aluminum with a silver finish. There are two display areas with this free-standing a-frame. The header portion at the top of the display is ideal for a smaller logo sign identifying the business or other identifying information. The bottom portion of the display is ideal for an advertisement or other custom signage.

Each deluxe sign has a protective non-glare PVC protector that protects signs from the elements and other damage. Please note that these signs should not be used in inclement weather. Custom graphics are not included with this sign but can be purchased from a local sign shop. Highly portable, this display will be sure to meet every need!

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 Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Deluxe Polyethylene Sign

May 17th, 2013

These sidewalk signs feature a sturdy white from and two Cloroplast inserts. The display is double sided allowing customers to display two distinct messages to prospective clients and those passing by! Signs are not included with this display, but can be purchased from a local sign shop. Weighing just 20lbs., this sidewalk display is light enough to move, but sturdy enough to not be knocked over by a light wind.

This fold up sign is ideal for stores and businesses with a store-front as these signs can help attract attention! Sign changes are simple, as signs slide under top tabs to keep the signs in place. Create eye catching signs to increase business! Highly portable, these signs are sure to please!

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 Marker PensProduct Spotlight : Erasable Marker Pens

May 10th, 2013

This marker pack comes in 8 vivid shades, including white. They write great and erase easily. While you can erase all pigment with a dry cloth, it is best to use a damp cloth to avoid ghosting or residue. Each marker features a 1/4” chisel tip that can write small thin likes, or create larger and thicker lines. Create multiple strokes with this one marker pack!

Many restaurants and businesses use markers like these to create beautiful window displays or on whiteboards and blackboards. Customers should be aware that these markers are designed for use on glossy board surfaces and may leave residue, or not write as smoothly on other surfaces. Ideal for quick sign changes, these markers dry fast and are really eye catching! Create vivid and attractive signs in seconds with these marker pens!

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 A-Frame Sign HolderProduct Spotlight : A-Frame Sign Holder

May 3rd, 2013

The A-Frame sidewalk sign is constructed of durable polyethylene with a white finish, perfect for a durable display that will catch attention. Each double sided sign comes with (2) pieces of rigid & rugged white satin sintra, which you can tape your signs to or fasten vinyl letters to, creating a custom sign of your own. These displays do not come with custom signs, but some can be purchased at a local sign shop. This versatile sign allows customers to change signage in seconds!

These signs are perfect for outdoor use as they will not rust or splinter. Although they can be used outside in less than perfect weather conditions, it is not recommended that these signs be used in inclement weather, including rain of any kind. Attract attention with this eye catching sign holder. Ideal for commercial use, these signs are sure to please!

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 A-Frame Sign HolderProduct Spotlight : A-Frame Sign Holder

April 26th, 2013

This sidewalk sign is ideal for customers who need an easy way to display their custom graphics and signs. This message board is constructed of durable plastic and will not rust or splinter. With a panel on each side of this a-frame design, customers can display (2) messages at once! While signs are not included with this display, they can be purchased from a local sign shop!

Each sign stand features hinges on top that lock the a-frame in place which ensures that sign will remain in position. Additionally, the a-frame is suitable for placement outside, as it has sand holes which allow the base to be filled with up to 10lbs of sand for stability. Signs can easily be installed for fast sign changes! Sure to please, this a-frame is sure to last!

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 Letter Board SignProduct Spotlight : Letter Board Sign

April 19th, 2013

The sidewalk sign features (2) prominent display areas! First, there is the top portion which is ideal for logos or other custom messages! Underneath this custom space is a letter board. This space can hold individual letters to make almost any custom message. This letter kit is included with the purchase of the sidewalk a-frame sign.

This sturdy sign can be used outside, but should not be used during inclement weather as water can seep under the plastic protective layer on the letter board sign. This sign is perfect for displaying menu specials or sales at a restaurant or retail store. Lightweight yet sturdy, this sign is sure to meet every advertising and display need!

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 A-frame SignProduct Spotlight : Double Sided A-Frame Sign

April 12th, 2013

This sidewalk sign features a sturdy a-frame design that is ideal for displaying signs in almost any setting. The frame is constructed of a lightweight aluminum that is resistant to rusting and can be used outdoors or indoors. Please note that it is not recommended that these signs be placed outdoors in inclement weather. This sign is double sided, so custom messages can be displayed on both sides of the sign.

The Sidewalk sign snaps open and closed on each side to securely contain a graphic and the plastic lens that protects the graphic. These portable sidewalk signs can be put up and taken down with ease and can be folded closed for storage. This sign is ideal for displaying daily specials or sales in front of retail locations or restaurants. Ideal for everyday use, this sign is sure to please!

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 Chalkboard Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Green Chalkboard Sign

April 5th, 2013

This sidewalk sign has a green chalkboard writing surface and is available in three different frame colors: Black Aluminum, Silver Aluminum, and Red Oak! Choose the best frame color to suit any need! This sign is ideal for any situation where custom messages need to be created quickly! The sign folds flat for easy transportation and storage, meaning this sign will suit any need!

This sign for outdoor use has two large writing areas and includes a box of chalk and an eraser. With sizable display area, create two custom signs to communicate any message! Ideal for retail locations, schools and any other setting, these signs will be sure to please! Please note that while these signs can be used outside, it is recommended that the signs be moved indoors in inclement weather.

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 Wind Resistant Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Wind Resistant Pavement Sign

March 29th, 2013

This weighted base sidewalk sign is ideal for small advertisements outside a restaurant or retail location. Springs in the sign base allow the sign to bend and flex making this sign resistant to mild winds. Additionally, the plastic base can be filled with sand or water, helping to anchor this sign stand to the ground. Two wheels on the base make this sign easy to transport, even when full. Increase traffic to any business with this sidewalk sign!

This sign holder features space for two signs to be displayed at the same time! Simple slide the sign into the top and bottom slots under the side clips and start promoting any business! Composed of durable plastic, these signs are sure to last years to come! These deluxe sidewalk signs are sure to make outdoor advertising easier for any business!

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 All Weather Popup SignProduct Spotlight : All Weather Popup Sign

March 22nd, 2013

This popup sign is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The banner is completely customizable and is included in the total price of this pop up. This sign completely folds up for portability and easy transportation, and even ships with a stakes and a carrying bag! With a quick and easy setup, this banner is ideal for all advertising and promotional uses!

The fabric of this banner is a weatherproof mesh polyester that can be used in wet weather conditions. While the ground stakes can be used for outdoor use, weights or sandbags can be used to anchor the sign to the ground. Lightweight, this sign is ideal for car dealerships, sporting events, or any other promotional or advertising use. An instant favorite, this sign is completely customizable!

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 Lightweight Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Lightweight Pavement Sign

March 15th, 2013

This display sign can be used both indoors or out! With a sturdy base, that can be weighted by water, this display sign is perfect for restaurants, stores or other businesses to promote sales, specials, or another quick advertising message. This white sign can be written on with both wet erase and liquid chalk markers which makes customizing a message easy! Measuring 24” x 29” with message space on both sides, there is ample room for graphics and any message!

This portable sign features two clamps keeping the Colorplastฎ message board in place. For a more durable sign, a local sign shop can easily customize a vinyl sign with customized message to fit in this stand! This sign is designed to be used indoors or outdoors in dry conditions. Because of the lightweight design of this product, it is suggested that this sidewalk sign be brought inside when conditions outside include moderate winds or other inclement weather.

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 Portable Sidewalk SignProduct Spotlight : Steel Sandwich Board

March 8th, 2013

This iron sidewalk sign features an attractive arched iron frame with two highly visible display areas! Ideal for placement outside of a busy restaurant or retail store, retailers utilize this display to advertise sales or special events! This portable sign is the idea way to attract customers with a targeted and customized message! With a heavy iron frame, this display sign is heavy enough to remain outside in light to moderate wind!

The top advertising space arrives blank, so a customized logo or message can be printed by a local shop at your convenience! The bottom display area can hold a 20” x 30” advertising poster. Utilize this sign to the fullest, by using each side to display a different message! At 30” tall, this sidewalk sign is sure to fit all display needs!

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 Portable Display SignProduct Spotlight : Portable Sign Stand

March 1st, 2013

This traffic sign holder is composed of a 100% plastic material that will not rust or splinter, ideal for outdoor use in all types of weather. This sign has a double sided signage space, perfect for directing traffic, line management, or other directional uses! With some assembly required, this directional sign is easy to assemble and break down for storage. It also features a water base, to weigh the sign down in winds of inclement weather.

This sign is not only for directional uses, but can also be used in front of busy store fronts to display advertising. Standing at 47” tall, each sign display is a light gray, a neutral color that will coordinate with any setting. Easily transportable, this sign is perfect for everyday use! Ideal for schools, businesses, or any other public area, this sign stand is sure to please!

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 Portable Display SignProduct Spotlight : Rolling Sidewalk Display

February 22nd, 2013

This portable sidewalk display sign is an easy way to display signage in front of a store, restaurant, or other busy location. This water base sign has a fillable water base and spring connectors, ensuring the stability of this sign in moderate inclement weather. With a black polished snap open frame, it is quick and easy to change the 30” x 40” graphic sign that can be placed inside. Rolling wheels and a handle make this an easy to move portable sign.

This sign ships unassembled to save on shipping costs. Assembly instructions are included as well as all needed hardware. With both sides of this sign able to display a poster or other media, this sign is the ideal way to promote your message to possible clients as the drive or walk past your establishment. With a polished look, this is an attractive way to promote your business or professional establishment.

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 Portable A-FrameProduct Spotlight : Easel Sign

February 8th, 2013

Are you looking for an affordable way to quickly display a message to customers in a retail setting? This portable sidewalk display is perfect for any need! With two writeable areas, this sign can be customized with a company logo, or other custom message to make your display sign more consistent with your brand. The bottom portion of this display can be written on with wet erase or chalk markers (sold separately) to make your message fun, noticeable, and easy to read. Ideal for restaurants, retail stores or any other busy location, this portable sign will help users communicate their message to their clients in an effective manner!

Constructed of a cherry wood finish frame, this display board is double sided, giving ample room to communicate your message. While this display is able to be used outside, it should be brought in during inclement weather, as the wood base is not suited to withstand inclement condition for periods of time. With a writeable space of 24” x 28” on both sides, there is plenty of space to utilize to maximize the exposure of your message! Ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, menus, special event promotions, museums and other locations, this portable display sign is sure to please!

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 Oval Popup Sign with Custom PrintingProduct Spotlight : Oval Popup Sign with Custom Printing

February 1st, 2013

There is no better way to display large format graphics in a portable manner than these printed popup displays. Lightweight and easily transportable in their own carrying bags, these professional displays fit the bill for sporting events, new product launches, or any other public event held in the great outdoors. The popups are weatherproof and are also double-sided, providing corporate logo presentation either coming or going!

This is the medium size popup with a 78" x 38" display area per side. To keep prices low we require a minimum order of 10 units. These professional popups are high quality displays, manufactured and printed in Europe. Your custom artwork is printed onto a lightweight polyester mesh fabric which is sewn into the flexible frame running around the perimeter. Simply open up each side and attach velcro strips along the bottom to spread the sides to the desired width, then insert the included stakes into the ground to prevent the displays from blowing over. This only takes a matter of seconds. When the promotion is over, the popups twist and fold to half their size and insert into carrying bags for efficient transport. Let these professional displays help define your event in style!

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