UV Printed Sidewalk Signs are Impervious to the Elements


These UV-printed sidewalk signs feature full-color digital printing for waterproof advertising. This inkjet process sprays the special ink onto the surface of rigid sign boards, then a pass of ultraviolet light instantly cures the graphic. What you get is a permanent, weatherproof sign you can leave outdoors without any worry. No more paper posters and protective lenses to mess with. Our UV-printed sidewalk signs offer a complete display solution by combining a number of frames and bases with our prints. Your custom graphics are applied to corrugated plastic (Coroplast®) or foam board sheets that simply insert into slots or channels inside the frames. The signs are all double-sided and come in different styles. Standard A-frames boast a "fold flat" design for storing when not in use. Signs with fillable bases add extra stability in windy conditions, while our series of steel sign bases with rigid foam boards are intended more for interior use. In the event you need replacement sign boards or an entirely new set of prints, we sell the UV-printed signs without the frame or base.

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